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Shashi Parekh has eight year experience in merger / acquisition/ alliance, turn around and financing with good conceptual and strategic strengths. Prior experience include development and commercialization of new process / product technologies, including twenty year of leadership experience at GE Plastics, Honeywell, Hoechst Celanese, Polymer Processing Institute, and Bay Resins.


 At NJMEP Inc, Shashi provided leadership in driving two mergers. Both mergers increased the sale by $ 5MM for his client company. He implemented lean strategy at this company to reduce their OH costs by $ 1MM, increase their two line productivity by 20%, reduce inventory by $ 1.2MM, resulting into a major business turn around. He also provided financing support to his client to reduce their debt costs.


At GE Plastics, Shashi lead a process development team for commercializing Ultem, a high temperature plastic, (a highly profitable $ 200MM GE business). He was nominated for “man of the year” award for his timely commercial process development for making Polyetherimides ( patent # 4,417,044), which reduced capital investment by $ 5MM.

He also lead a team of engineers and technicians for building a state of the art Plastic Process Development Center, with injection and blow molding, multilayer extrusion and blown film capabilities for new business development. This center was for customer innovation for new product and process ideas resulting into over $ 20MM new GE business. Shashi got a stock option award from GE board of directors for his process technology leadership at GE Plastic business, (given to select key performers), and several management awards for outstanding contribution to GE plastic new business.


At Hoechst Celanese, Shashi developed process models of biaxial orientation and crystallization of PET film. The process understanding increased line productivity by 30% and reduced capital outlay by 50%. He was a R& D representative on New Film line project team, responsible for design, installation and start – up of new production lines.


He holds four patents in Plastic Technology for making polyetherinides and composites, recycling and thermoforming. He has chaired two Process technology sessions in Polymer Processing Society and International Plastic Conference.


Shashi holds a M.B.A. from Cleveland State University and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.