$ 200 MM business for GE Plastics


At GE Plastics, Shashi lead a polymerization process development team for commercializing Ultem, a high temperature plastic, (a highly profitable $ 200MM GE business). GE had invested over 15 year of development costs with several professionals at their Schenectady  R& D Laboratory for development of this new polymer structure. However, their scale- up process was not commercially feasible due to precise stochiometric reaction requirements, and there was not sufficient polymer produced to develop commercial applications. Shashi was selected to lead polymerization scale up team. The team produced several hundred pounds of new polymer in short period, and then developed a new lower cost patented process to commercialize new plastic. Shashi was recognized by nomination to “man of the year “ and several management awards and a promotion. GE invested over $ 150MM in new plant for manufacturing this product, which has become a very profitable business.


He also lead a team of GE engineers and technicians for building a state of the art Plastic Process Development Center, with multilayer extrusion and blown film capabilities for packaging markets. This center was for customer innovation for developing new product and process ideas. He also was a manager for Lexan film process development team, successfully trouble shooting and starting up a new high speed manufacturing line.



At Hoechst Celanese, Shashi developed process models of biaxial orientation and crystallization of PET film, and validated process parameters with pilot plant runs. His process findings provided vital technical support for heavy and thin gauge film manufacturing in the plant, increasing line productivity by 30% and reducing capital outlay by 50%. He has good understanding and knowledge of PET film process parameters and their effects on film morphology. He was a R& D representative on New Film line project team, responsible for design, installation and start – up of new production lines.


Shashi holds four patents in Plastic Technology for making polyetherinides and composites, recycling and thermoforming. He has chaired two Process technology sessions in Polymer Processing Society and International Plastic Conference